Always putting the FUN in Funky Junk!

Funky Junk is a creative cooperative of 10 individual members. That’s 10 mini businesses rolled into one fabulous store! We specialize in furniture, décor and one of a kinds. We sell new, vintage, upcycled, handmade, and antique items. We are your one-stop shop for eclectic treasures, gifts, and items to beautify your home.  Come see all the fun in Funky Junk!
Each of our vendors has a unique personality and style,
but you put us all together and you have a room full of love and warmth.
The Whole Funky Junk Crew Having Fun
The Whole Funky Junk Crew
Dawn and Amber of Funky Junk

Dawn and Amber - Funky Junk

One dream, two crazy girls, nine cooperative members, and a store full of the most unique and eclectic treasures, make one fabulous store called Funky Junk! Funky Junk opened on May 20th, 2016. It’s the lifelong dream of 2 crazy, hard-working, fun-loving girls! These two girls worked together at a local business, over 20 years ago.  They bumped into each other, two years ago and updated each other of the events in their lives!  This encounter was not by mere coincidence but by destiny! They both were creating and crafting beautiful furniture, décor, and one of a kinds, on top of working their then, full-time jobs. So about a year after this initial visit, Funky Junk was born and a partnership was formed. Dawn and Amber have their own individual roles and responsibilities at the store. They each possess a strong skill set that unites them to make Funky Junk the growing, vibrant, successful company, it is today!

Mission Statement

Our business is based on simple principles:
  • Customer Service, Integrity, and Positivity
  • We want our customers to always feel welcome and have the best experience ever!
  • We are passionate about what we do and love to create.
  • Our goal is to put a smile in your heart, a skip in your step and to build lasting friendships.